Okorocha’s =N=3,000.00 Levy: Another Failed Attempt To Steal From Empty Pockets

Gov. Rocha’s Okorocha of Imo State

By Dan Lawrence Onyinaru

  1. Sometime ago, I did posit that Okorocha’s insanity has gone beyond a matter the village medicine man can handle or manage; while his wickedness has risen to it’s most bestiality; meaning that only divine intervention can rescue him.
    It is as a result of the continued deterioration of his sanity that is responsible for his latest attempt to steal ones more from Ndi-imo’s empty pockets,leading to the final destruction of what is left of him. This Emperor we know will never cease to tar himself, his family and his yet unborn generation with brush of infamy; constantly smearing, exposing and cloaking himself and family on eternal opprobrium; to the extent of being so worthless in the face of Ndi-imo; with only the remnant of a frightening,blurred shadow of a supposed father figure. I will continue to pity his children and the Okorocha family as the name after May 2019, will be like mentioning the name”Lucifer” before God.

By insisting in levying the people of the state; after heartlessly pauperising and looting all that belong to them; raping and totally denying them that which humanity owned them, is most regrettable, callous, selfish, insensitive, fraudulent, gross irresponsibility and best described as the audacity of wickedness at its bestiality. It is a failed and unrealizable racket. So anyone defending, supporting and applauding his insanity, irrespective of his serial declivity in nobility scale; should make haste to visit a psychiatrist or his village medicine man for help.

As we approach 2019, God is certainly going to manifest in our weaknesses; for it is now that we look weak that He will show up ; God is watching and deliberately allowing him walk into his final resting place in political perdition’

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