ModeI Thankful For Failure To Reduce Size Of Her Breasts

Pamela Odame

Model Pamela Odame revealed why she failed to reduce the size of her voluptuous boobs when she had crave to do so.
In an interview with Peace FM, she disclosed the importance her over-sized breasts to the extent that they have helped her gain a lot.

She further stated that she nearly went for a surgery to reduce the size of her over-sized boobs but was unable due to the fact that she could not afford the fee the doctor asked.

The Kenyan-born model said the doctor asked of 30,000ghc, a huge amount which she had no means of raising such at the time, adding that she was grateful that she did not go on with that decision.

Pamela Odame has recently been a daily social buzz and continues impressing her fans by posting more pictures of her big boobs on the internet.

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