Stop Joking With People’s lives, Wizkid Tells Politicians Ahead Of Polls


Singer, Wizkid has called on politicians across the country ahead of the general elections to desist from taking the people’s lives for jokes.

Wizkid is the latest celebrity to air his views ahead of the forthcoming general elections and his advising politicians.

The music star made this known via his Snapchat page on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. According to him, voters should not be influenced by people who have already collected money from politicians.

Wrote he: “Don’t let anybody wen don collect money influence ur vote to tell u who’s right head! Vote wisely! I’m for whoever the people vote. Vote who you like…vote wisely. If u ’re old enough to get a PVC, u’re old enough to think! Don’t sell ur vote…uir vote can make a difference! Go out and vote!

“And Politicians wey Dey enter stop joking with peoples lives! U’re responsible for the lives of millions of people and ur decisions affects all. Help us make Naija a better place!!! Make una use una head! One Love!”
In the build-up to the forthcoming general elections, a number of celebrities have been expressing their views. For Ali Baba, he thinks because of insufficient funds available, the political terrain has been quiet, while Georgina Onuoha thinks voting for president Buhari is a betrayal of peace, equity, and justice.

“A vote for Buhari will be a betrayal of justice, peace, equality, and freedom” – Georgina Onuoha says

It’s barely a month to the general elections in Nigeria and one of Nigeria’s celebrities, Georgina Onuoha thinks a vote for the current president, Muhammadu Buhari will be a betrayal of justice, peace, equality, and freedom.

The American based actress made this known via her Instagram page on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. In her long post, she said she is surprised that we’ve continued to allow a bunch of uneducated, old cabal, lead us which has led the citizens of the country to the gutters.

Wrote she: “This is truly sad .. that he doesn’t NO! And he is my president 😩😭. In a nation of almost 200 million people of different tribes that are intellectually gifted, these are the kind of men we in put in charge of the governance of our nation. I cry for my country. It is not enough to have PVC.. it is the notion that we have to pick one of the lesser evil speaks volume. Bunch of uneducated, visionless and old cabals that have driven this nation into the gutters. How any sane person, will afford Buhari a vote or let alone a second term will be a betrayal of justice, peace, equality, and freedom.

A man who spent over 80 percent of his current administration in London receiving treatment! Yet he finds it hard to relinquish power. They are not the problem.. we the people are the problem. We are our own worst enemy. And until we emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery, we will keep rotating old cargos with zero vision for the most populous black nation on earth”.

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